Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sara E. for Treasurer

Sara E.

I believe that I would be a good fit for the position of treasurer and I have a lot of experience in various forms of leadership roles. I was on class board freshman year and the homeroom rep my sophomore year in England. I’m involved in Green Team, SLAC, Invent Team, and the Contemporary Issues Club, which demonstrates my participation, as well as my diverse interests. I started and head the Economic Club, which illustrates both leadership and an interest in the more fiscal aspect of student government. I am an extremely organized person. This allows me to keep track of everything and better manage my many activities. I have friends in every grade, which means I will be able to not only represent the rising senior class, but the whole upper school. I love coming to OES sporting events and supporting teams as well as participating on the girls’ soccer team, which has been an amazing way to get to know a wonderful group of girls and a way to develop teamwork skills. I also have a number of ideas for ways to better improve the student store and incorporate student opinions.  

I have a unique position in that I have been in a high school very different from OES. At my school in London, the faculty and student body were not nearly as committed as students and faculty are here. I used to make fun of how much OES goes on about ‘community’ but it’s true that we have an amazing thing here and I feel like I have a really strong appreciation for that now. When it comes to the student proposals, I know that many of you have a strong opinion, and I can pass on your voice to the faculty and do my best to ensure that students have a say in any changes made.

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