Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tennis and Rachel N. by Sophia T.

Rachael N., who won last year’s Women’s Singles Tennis State Championship, now has her name on the banner at SPARC. Last year’s state finals match against Kate R. from Catlin was very intense, and Rachael said it was the most exciting match that she had ever played.

Rachel’s physical agility is also shown in the world of speed stacking. She holds world records in that sport. Though Rachael said she didn’t do as well as she probably could have during her recent trip to Germany, she still did an amazing job!  She got ‘The fastest girl in the United States,’ ‘The fastest 16-year-old girl in the World,’ ‘5th fastest female in the world,’ and she set a new State record for the ‘3-3-3’. She said the best part of the trip was meeting other stackers from all around the world.

Rachael said she doesn’t favor tennis over cup-stacking or vice versa.  She replied that the two sports are very different, and she loves both equally. However, she does have a favorite coach—OES’s very own Coleen Davis.  Rachael described her as “a super awesome and always cheery mentor :D” Rachael’s next match is Districts, this Friday, May 4th, at THPRD. She would love to have some fans cheer her on!

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