Thursday, May 3, 2012

Word on the Street by Grace C.

So I heard that there are at least nine people in the Junior class who want to run for President of StuCo.

If there are nine (possibly more) people running for president, there will still be a winner, however it’ll most likely have to go into a run-off between two candidates again. 

As I was talking to Aya this morning (one of the candidates running for the “big chair”). She brought up a good point. She noted that many of the grade’s top leaders are running for the position of president, however, in the end, the remaining candidates that do not get chosen will not have the chance to run for a VP, Secretary, or Treasurer (the other three big roles in the Student Counsel)...

Here's the problem: Because the elite leaders who aren’t elected president don’t get the 2nd opportunity to run for VP, Secretary and Treasurer spots, a large portion of the grade’s best leaders will only get the opportunity to take part in anything having to do with student leadership through the Class Board or Class Rep.   

Here is something the new StuCo proposal could address: what happens to the students who aren’t elected President? How can we best utilize their strengths and talents as leaders of the school? Are we missing an opportunity—are we losing good leaders through this process?

The self-written endorsements by all of the candidates will be up on the bulletin boards soon, so keep an eye out to see exactly who and how many leaders will be running for StuCo this May!

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