Friday, June 8, 2012

Blöphish By Andrew W

 In the past year, the Blöphish Newspaper has blown away all of my expectations. Since I’ve come in a fresh-faced rookie, our humble periodical has gone from an unintentionally underground rag to one of the most read student-contributed semi-weekly newspapers to come out of OES. But it takes more than just a Twitter account and a dream to a reputable newspaper make. It takes a Twitter account, a dream, and a really catchy name!

I could humbly claim that I’ve had no part in this great journalistic endeavor, but that’d only be lying to you our readers. No, in fact, I’ve actually had no knowledge whatsoever of our great strides. You see, to me, the Blöphish is more than just a newspaper. It’s both an activity I can do to avoid sitting bored in the Great Hall during Activity and one more great reason to avoid most members of our incredibly talented English Department. To list out our entire staff of hardworking individuals would take far more words than I have to work with for this article. Or I’m too lazy and lethargic to do that, I forget which one. Basically, everyone in Blöphish is a completely creative cog in our calculated conglomeration of coolness. In all seriousness though, these individuals are the most talented writers, artists and innovators I’ve had the pleasure of watching work. Nothing that has happened this year, from the comprehensive coverage of the Leadership Summit to the raddest Blöstock I’ve skipped to date, would’ve happened without their hard work and dedication. I’d encourage anyone reading this to join up next year, for we be newsworthy!

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