Friday, June 8, 2012

The End of an Era By Chad D

As I reach my final days of being a student at OES, I find myself reflecting on my most memorable experiences at this great institution.  Over the course of four years I’ve survived the rigors of Humanities, won an award for my writing from ECHOES, played some of my best tennis with the Men’s Tennis Team, and even picked up an award or two for my work on my Junior year science fair project.  While all of these accomplishments may seem impressive, there is none that I hold higher than being granted the position of the head editor of the finest newspaper in the known universe: the Blophish.  Now, some may scoff at such a statement, but I must say that I’m dead serious; I can’t imagine a more welcome environment or a greater group of people to work with.  While it may sound like I’m advertising (and I’m totally not), I’d encourage anyone who has an interest in writing to check out who we are and what we do, and everyone else to read our work when it comes out.  I will miss the Blophish dearly when I head off to college, but I know that it will be in good hands.  However, my departure from the Blophish doesn’t necessarily mean my departure from writing newspaper articles.  Who knows, perhaps you’ll see something written by me in your local paper soon!

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