Friday, June 8, 2012

Farewell Senior Blophish Writers! By Kristin Q.

I could write something cliché and say that when our Blophish seniors leave next year, everyone would cry tears that would flow like a river, our hearts would burst out of our bodies, and not even the sun would light up our sadness. But that’s ok, because a sincere thank you is what matters the most. I’d first like to thank Andrew W. for the article pitch, and also our fearless leader, Chad D. Next year, our Blophish newspaper will miss Chad’s unique video game segments and Andrew’s witty golf haikus. To commemorate a great year in Blophish, I hope this analogy will do. The Blophish newspaper is to the writers and editors on Blophish as the Tesseract is to the Avengers. Yes, this newspaper is what everyone needs to read, glowing, four-dimensional, and the power of the universe. We be newsworthy, and we fight for the love of writing. Thank you seniors for guiding us this year in Blophish and for an incredibly memorable Blöstock! We’re bringing back the fun, and readers, please look forward to many more awesome articles in Blophish next year!

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