Friday, June 8, 2012

OES: The Land of Kids! By Elanie F.

OES is a land of opportunities. Being a student here has really allowed me to try many new things that I was not able to do in my motherland. The greatest thing I have ever experienced here that I have not experienced before is that OES is also a land of kids!!!

As the youngest kid in my family, I have been taken care of by older cousins. I was not able to get a younger cousin until I was ten. Before that time, at every family reunion, I would be passed around on people’s laps and could not resist at all. As a result, I have become someone who always loves to bribe kids with snacks, play with kids and give kids hugs. And OES has been a great place for developing a good relationship with kids!

We have kids from kindergarten to 5th grade (kids above 5th grade are too big for me...), and they are all perfectly cute! By doing LS Interns the past two years, I got to spend two hours each week with Ms. Thompson’s kindergarten and 1st grade class. Although the little children always threw me weird questions which really puzzled me, the feeling that they always trusted my answer gave me a big sense of responsibility––and just by answering them I have broadened my mind! People say that kids are annoying. Yes they can be SUPER annoying when they do not listen to you. However, OES lower school has this great song that kids know to be quiet when they hear their teacher singing.

I never felt that I had too few chances to interact with the kids in LS. By volunteering to teach 1st graders to fold cranes, I received admiration from them, which has raised my self-esteem so much. When I hear “Help me!” “I don’t know how to fold this part!” the cute voices recall my deep love of kids and I dash to them to show my passion and support. The 1st graders, who are mostly six or seven years old, have such good manners. They not only said “Thank you!” to me after I finished teaching them how to fold a crane, but also began to say “Arigatou!” which is “thank you” in Japanese, when they were told I am trilingual. Their soft voices are the most adorable thing ever!

In two weeks, I will again be in the situation that I am the youngest person except my little cousin. Although she is cute and has a soft voice, the kids at OES are the first ones who have made me feel I am a reliable adult. I really appreciate OES LS give me this experience, and I will miss the kids so much during summer vacation!

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