Friday, June 8, 2012

This School Year is Almost Over By Grace C.

This school year is almost over, and surprisingly, I happened to like the new rotating schedule.  I remembered how unhappy I was when the school, without consulting with the student body, decided to change the schedule system, and how I rejected the new schedule and attended all the meetings about it. Despite the small disadvantages of the new schedule, such as teachers always forgetting they are supposed to give us in-class homework time, and getting out of school five minutes later, the rotating schedule actually helped me out. I was often thankful to not have the same first period everyday, so I always had chances to do some make up work for certain classes, and I found trivial happiness when my free block rotated to the beginning or end of the day.

Now, when I look back, I laugh about my resentment from the beginning of the year, and I’m glad that I had put my oppositions down and learned to love the schedule. 

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