Thursday, September 27, 2012

Games You Probably Haven’t Played: Ninja Blade by Matthew W.A.

This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of articles for the Blophish, called “Games You Probably Haven't Tried Yet.” It isn't about really old games, or even specifically about indie games. Instead, it’s about the games that came out over the last few years that fell through the cracks. For whatever reason, maybe they were buggy on release, got overshadowed by larger releases, or got panned by a critic who just hated the genre. Think of what IGN did to God Hand, it was a tragedy! Most of these games are fairly cheap, but still hold up to modern standards of graphics and gameplay. I will also be doing some reviews of new game releases as well as movies, but that is for another time…

Portland’s Pumpkin Spice Season by Jacqui B.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Personally, one of the only things I look forward to about summer ending is that it’s socially acceptable to order pumpkin spice lattes and other similar drinks. Going to a cozy coffee shop to get a warm drink can now be a comfort that I can count on. And once our weather catches up with the actual time of year, everyone in our city will most likely be rushing to do the same.

I’m not really wanting the chilly, rainy season to hurry up, but it’s always good to be prepared to make the most out of fall as we can, so let me review some of the best places to get a warm fall drink for you:

The Strange Creatures That Call Themselves "Freshman" by Kyle S.

You've all seen them. Wandering throughout the halls. Sitting together
in the cafeteria. Standing in place with their hands in their pockets
and that glazed over lost look in their eyes as they wonder what
they're supposed to be doing and where they're supposed to be. No one
seems to know where they came from, and not even they know where
they're going to go. One thing's for sure: they're here to stay.

Shout Out to Andrew W. ('12)

The Blophish would like to make a shout out to our very own OES graduate, Andrew W. ('12), a current freshman at Pitzer College and former Blophish writer who is writing for the Claremont Port Side. His first article has recently been released and is linked here. For all you aspiring writers out there, he suggests that you "write only what you feel," remember that "you must accept that you are not necessarily right on every single subject," yet "don't give an inch... don't accept [people's] words as law if you still think you're right."  Congratulations Andrew!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OES Spirit Week 2012 by Spencer S

Fall Sports Sept. 18th By Grace C

Did you know that OES has an average of 25 sports events every week in the month of September?  This includes all boys’, girls’, Middle School and High School JV2, JV, and Varsity teams. For a school with a student body of around 750 students K-12, that’s a whole lot of sports events and even more athletes!

On Tuesday the 18th, OES hosted a variety of fall sport events at our gym, field and campus.  The weather was in the high 80’s and all athletes had water bottles in hand.  It was a perfect day for a soccer match, a 5K run through the OES campus and a rallied game of volleyball on the polished wooden court.

AASK ! By Elanie F

2012-13 academic year is the 15th anniversary of AASK! Since 1999, the AASK program has helped hundreds of students in Vose Elementary School and Whitford Middle School. Every year, students who are able to help others in academics are motivated to sign up AASK, because not only is AASK a tutoring program, it is also a bridge that connects little kids and us. 

From my personal experience from being involved with with AASK, I have found that the kids are always motivated to come to AASK. Can you imagine 11 year olds dash to you and jump on you? Or take your hand and tell you what he/she has done today and wait for your praise? The kids learn academic skills from the tutors, but they are also influenced by the tutors’ styles, emotions, as most importantly, behaviors. As the time passes by, the students’ ways of thinking and their behaviors are more shaped by the tutors, as their connection with each other gets stronger, too.

Katie L. who graduated last year, had this affecting conversation with a student in the AASK summer day camp. During the summer she was called by her camp name, “ladybug.” At the end of the camp, a fourth-grader approached her and asked, “What is your real name?” Katie replied, “My real name is Katie.” The little girl was slightly disappointed, “You are a butterfly!” 

Everyone, not only the students but also the tutors, finds the program very rewarding. It is great how many kids in AASK improved through the year on their reading and writing skills. However, as one of C.T. Henry’s favorite quote says: “Learning is a two-way street”.  This quote holds true in AASK, that impressively almost every tutor has expressed that they have learned more from their tutees during tutoring, such as culture, language, communication and even self-improvement. Yes, AASK is a two way street; it teaches both the tutors and tutees more than academics.

AASK has become a program that fulfills kids’ dreams in addition to the academic support. The key element for that to happen is the the tutors! There are so many students who sign up for AASK but do not get accepted because the lack of tutors. If you are moved by the innocent words and actions of the kids, like to be appreciated, adore kids, or if you want to give the kids a hand, please talk to Myra C. about joining AASK!