Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Sports Sept. 18th By Grace C

Did you know that OES has an average of 25 sports events every week in the month of September?  This includes all boys’, girls’, Middle School and High School JV2, JV, and Varsity teams. For a school with a student body of around 750 students K-12, that’s a whole lot of sports events and even more athletes!

On Tuesday the 18th, OES hosted a variety of fall sport events at our gym, field and campus.  The weather was in the high 80’s and all athletes had water bottles in hand.  It was a perfect day for a soccer match, a 5K run through the OES campus and a rallied game of volleyball on the polished wooden court.

Cross Country.
To start, Cross Country teams from eight or nine different High Schools and Middle Schools the came to the track to race OES’s varied course, taking a lap around the track, then around the back on Vermont Street, all the way up through the woods, down to SPARC, where runners trek through a trail in the SPARC wetlands, up the grueling hill to the dorms, around the Middle School building and back down towards the field where the finish line was. 

The Middle School girls ran first, on a shortened course (MS courses are 3000 meters, whereas HS courses are 5000 meters), followed by MS boys.  Each race took about 25 minutes for all runners to complete and finally the HS runners lined up.  Eleven runners represented OES for the HS girls’ race.  Natalie L. finished seventh, which was her 2nd top 10 finish for the season thus far (They’ve only had three).  Next, the HS boys’ Cross Country team lined up. From the start gun, Nick O. held the lead all the way through the 5000 meters, where he finished 1st, to little surprise.  This was Nick’s 11th 1A/2A/3A first place win since September of 2011.   Nick’s win was a nice touch to the day for it was also his golden birthday. The OES Boys’ XC team had another high finisher, Spencer S. who finished 9th, which, like Natalie, was his 2nd top 10 finish.  Both girls’ and boys’ Cross Country teams are looking stellar for this season, both teams finished 3rd overall.

Women’s Soccer
The defending state champions were tearing up some turf on the field during the same time as the Cross Country meet. The OES girls’ Soccer team played against Astoria High School on the hot turf that afternoon and shots kept going in.  Carolyn R. got the first goal of the match, followed by two more from Hannah H.  By half-time the score was 3-0; Sara E. OES’s goalie had rarely touched the ball during the half.

When the sun fell, the stadium lights clicked on and the second half was played under the illumination of the bright lights. Erica M. made a goal midway through the 2nd half and Hannah H. finished up the game with a hat trick, scoring one more goal to total more than half of the game’s points.  An uneventful game on the defensive side of our field, yet a spirited offensive throughout, the Lady Aardvarks capped the game at 5-0.   

Women’s Volleyball
Inside the gym, the OES Volleyball team had 4 sets of nail-biting matches against Corbett, one of the toughest teams in the league.  The first two sets were won by the Corbett Cardinals, but only by a margin of two points.  The 3rd time was the charm, and the Lady Aardvarks fought out a win on the third match.  Who knew little players like Austin G. and Aya T. could jump so high? Come to a Volleyball game and check out Lucy S.’s lateral jump. She towers feet over the net every time the goes for a block or spike.  Unfortunately the Corbett Cardinals churned out a the final winning match during the 4th set, but the Aardvarks and Cardinals will meet again later this season, hopefully being able to get equal.

Come support all 25 sports events that happen every week! Interested in scoping out younger MS athletes or just interested in watching the future of OES sports grow? Check out the calendar with all the dates and locations to all 25 sports games!

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