Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Strange Creatures That Call Themselves "Freshman" by Kyle S.

You've all seen them. Wandering throughout the halls. Sitting together
in the cafeteria. Standing in place with their hands in their pockets
and that glazed over lost look in their eyes as they wonder what
they're supposed to be doing and where they're supposed to be. No one
seems to know where they came from, and not even they know where
they're going to go. One thing's for sure: they're here to stay.

These strange creatures call themselves "freshman," and they've
completely infiltrated our school. They're in our classes, our
actives, our halls and somehow… in our hearts. These past couple days
I've risked my life to make contact with these strange creatures. I've
tried my best to understand them and figure out why they're here.

The first freshman I talked to was Steven C., formally of Hazelbrook
middle school. He describes his experience at OES as being "pretty
good so far," and "really fun," indicating a very low threat of
aggression in the months to come. Freshmen may have infiltrated our
community, but at least they seem content. We'll see how that changes
after the first humanities test.

Another freshman, Zach L., spends his days molding Minecraft, the
addictive first person sandbox game. In other words, he'll fit in well
here. If you have "really obscure programming questions", AP Comp Sci
homework or if you want to hang out and build blocky castles, send him
an email.

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