Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anime By Elanie F.

If you follow Japanese Anime, you must be excited about October 2012! Although January, April, July and October are all big months in terms of new anime releases, October is considered to be the best. For example, in October 2012, we have Code Breaker, K, Magi, Bakuman the 3rd season, etc. Among them, Bakuman the 3rd season is probably the best one for all age groups.

Bakuman is written by Ooba Tsugumi and drawn by Obata Takeshi, and has been animated twice before 2012. The story is about two high schoolers chasing their dream of being animators. “Baku” in Japanese means a legendary animal that eats dreams, which implies here that the boys are aggressively reaching for their goals.

The narrator, Mashiro Saikou, receives a note from his classmate Takagi Akito, saying “let’s draw comics together!” Drawing comics is Mashiro’s dream as well, but he does not want to follow in the footsteps of his animator uncle who died tragically. Ashiro turns Takagi down at first, he soon changes his mind after realizing the girl that he has had a crush on since middle school loves comics. Mashiro and the girl make a promise that they will get married when Mashiro becomes a professional comic drawer. In order to achieve both his dream and the girl he loves, Mashiro and Takagi think about stories, draw comics, and send their products out to different magazines. On their way towards becoming professionals, they encounter a lot of obstacles: rivals, pressure from the editors, lack of inspiration, and so on. But Mashiro and Takagi, having combined their names to form the pen name “Ashirogi,” use teamwork as their strongest weapon. Will they achieve their dream and become popular comic drawers? Will Mashiro be able to marry his girlfriend? The Bakuman comics already ended in 2012, but the third TV season is new!

The second season ends when the “Ashirogi” pair finds out that one of their classmates in middle school is drawing comics as well, as her comics are competing for popularity. The 3rd season is going to continue showing the challenges and how the two boys are overcoming adversity. Of course, there are also some dating scenes included as well! Overall, this is a fun anime to watch, as it is very relatable. The boys are normal high schoolers; they laugh, resolve issues, care about their girlfriends, and never give up on their dreams.

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