Thursday, October 11, 2012

Congratulations Women's Soccer! By Janine K.

Sydney Y. was a star player in the OES vs. Catlin game. Photo by Grace C.
Congratulations to the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team, who played Catlin at the action packed Catlin Homecoming game last Friday night, which ended in Aardvark favor (2-0). So far this season, the OES Women’s team has been ranked first in the OSAA 3A ranking, which is not surprising as the team was named the 2011 3A/2A/1A Champions in the State of Oregon after defeating the very same Catlin Eagles in a 3-0 match last year.

Sam L., "Grill Sergeant." Photo by Grace C.
Not only was this a great night because of said athletic achievement, it became another display of the community’s spirit. This year’s Upper School student body has begun to stand out for its extreme school spirit, particularly at sporting events. The combination of soccer and free food attracted many student fans to the game. The tailgate (located at Catlin) hosted by Sam L. and Nick O., boasted a variety of fresh-off-the-grill hamburgers and hot dogs.
As the game began the OES fan base took to the sidelines. Many were disappointed by the referee’s prohibiting of artificial noisemakers, though despite this request OES fans were still significantly louder, and more organized, than the whole of the Catlin fan community.
            This game is a mere snapshot of the successful season the Women have been earning, with a win October 10th (2-0) vs. Westside Christian.  Any student who has attended a game so far this year would highly recommend the experience. The next opportunity to watch the women's team play is October 12, vs. Riverdale at Lewis and Clark College. Congratulations and keep up the good work ladies!

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