Thursday, October 4, 2012

Feeding The Masses by Jacqui B.

Last Friday the area by the OES field was strangely crowded with excited people. For the first time since I can remember it was hard to walk from one end of the field to the other. Thanks to a lot of planning, and the constructing of a new fancy announcement tower and snack shack, our homecoming games this year became a huge event, which meant a lot of people. And to the Bon Appetit staff here at OES like Kelly Cowing, the Food Service Director, Chef Christian, and Catering Manager Lindsay, it meant a lot more people to feed. “A lot more” meaning there were 1300 RSVPs compared to last year’s 500.

Donna Knight, the homecoming coordinator this year, and Bon Appetit decided early on to make this homecoming as efficient as possible with the least work for the kitchen, because of the predicted crowd. They also had to work around the fact that the facilities weren’t going to be finished in the new snack shack. Chef Christian described the back hallway of the kitchen as being absolutely filled and stacked high with boxes all last week. This was only because of the sack-lunch style of dinner they had decided on to accompany the hot dogs. Although it seems like a typical sports game meal, it was a genius idea. The staff would only have to steam the hot dogs up at the kitchen and transfer them down to the field. Yes, the numerous trips they took carting all of those bags of apples and cookies for 1300 people was tedious, and this wasn’t the most environmentally friendly option, but it was the most effective, and I think successful way to feed all of our loyal fans. Thank you Bon Appetit for playing your part in our surprisingly almost “normal” homecoming this year!

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