Thursday, October 11, 2012

Filling in the Void: The Masthead by Grace C

Our new Blophish website has gone through some cosmetic changes.  As you see we have injected our new fonts with some color, the sidebar is donned with a slideshow of pictures and a twitter feed, as well as a link to the lunch menu. Our background is a nice oasis of fresh water that reminds us the summer to come…in 8 months.  The articles that the Blophish staff is writing have never been matched before. We publish a plethora of articles like original video skits by Spencer S. a continuation of our last editor in Chief, Chad D.’s video game reviews by Matthew W.A and some delicious autumn recipes by Jacqui B. 

However, there is one huge thing missing. The masthead.   You might have noticed that the top of our blog is unadorned. Some may call it simple and clean, maybe even Zen to keep the good chi running through our blog, but what’s Blophish without a picture of the mascot?

Our wonderful teacher leader, Kara T. has drawn us this cute cartoon of our official (and original) mascot.  If you see a picture of this hanging around the HS campus, write in a caption and we’ll use the best ones to rotate as our masthead. More than one caption is allowed in each speech bubble. Fill them in!


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