Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FYI: What’s the ERB? By Amanda R

The ERB, Educational Records Bureau, is a standardized test that goes through grades fifth and twelfth. Though it occurs for students once or even twice, a year, it does not count for the students grades at all. It is used to be compared throughout the United States using tests from children all around America. However, the test  doesn’t count toward our grades. So why do we take it? Well, it gives each student an opportunity to practice taking standardized testing. The test also serves as an external measurement for the school to identify strengths and weaknesses in the curricular program. Also, if needed, it gives the teachers a sense of where you are and your strengths, weaknesses, etc..

If you haven’t noticed, there are a bunch of different parts to the ERB’s. The test measures different skills and how advanced you are in each of those skills.  There are different sections to the overall test, each about 45 minutes long. For example, there is a vocabulary portion, math portion, writing mechanics portion, and other portions that require different skills. So even though testing isn’t fun, it’s definitely important.

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