Thursday, October 4, 2012

OES Homecoming: Well Played by Janine K.

Photo by Grace C.
At this point, we all feel like we know OES pretty well. Our community is so heavily laced with tradition, which made this year’s Homecoming events seem all the more unanticipated. Over 1,300 dinners distributed amongst the spectators made this the biggest sporting event OES has hosted. It was another great day to be an aardvark homecoming night as we faced off against Riverdale and Corbett, rising victoriously in both the Women’s (vs. Riverdale, 3-0) and Men’s (vs. Corbett, 6-0) Varsity games.

OES fans gather to support Varsity Soccer. Photo by Grace C.
            "'Jeez! What does this guy have, a 54 inch waist size?'” I heard the tween in the Aardy costume exclaim while suiting up in the press box after the start of the Men's game. No answer.  The air had been bitten by something very serious; a looming goal, and the scorekeeper and athletic directors were conversing very intelligently amongst themselves about statistics and winning plays. I must say, I am not an avid soccer fan, let alone a buff on the subject, so I did appreciate the opportunity to learn a bit from the professionals.
Goal! Photo by Grace C.
            Though the Men’s win was not surprising, the level of play and accuracy was startling for a team so young. Not to mention that the final score was so dramatic. This event was a muchneeded electrifying of the student spirit experience amongst the students, who had been avidly dressing up for spirit week the days prior to the game.  With the scoring of each goal, students sprinted, with the Aardvark flag in tow, down the field’s sides as they were met with loud cheers and screaming fans.
            At half time, the score already foreshadowed our big win with a score of 2-0 (Shots on goal, OES 16, Corbett 1). But there was more to be excited about. This homecoming was the hit debut of the OES Dance Team, comprised of freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. This team has been a lot of hard work in the making, and it most certainly paid off with this crowd pleasing performance. Video soon to come.
            As the second half began, it was only a matter of seven minutes before the next goal was scored by Nick R., (assist Matt S., who went on to score the next goal not but three minutes later). Spirit did not falter throughout the entirety of the game; at this point small children were still twitching with their pom poms and random horns pierced the competitive air. The game never lacked excitement. Spectators sprang to their feet, throwing their hands in the air as Gabe P.-F. scored the fifth goal of the game (assist Matt S.).  Various close goal attempts on behalf of OES followed, until the sixth and final goal was scored,  leaving the victorious OESian community with a satisfying win of 6-0 (Shots on goal: OES 26, Corbett 1). Well played, OES!

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