Thursday, October 25, 2012

Polar Bear Café by Elanie F.

While October is bringing a large wave of new animes, some of the currently broadcasting ones are still popular enough to be mentioned. The Polar Bear Café is generally accepted as the cutest anime of the year since April. This anime introduces a world of mostly animals and a few humans; just like the name, the story is about the daily life happening around this café owned by a the polar bear, and his frequent customers include an emperor the penguin, a the panda and many other animals such as llama and sloth. The three cute main characters have done a great job making this anime relaxing and funny.
When the three animals meet each other for the first time, the panda is receiving an interview from the polar bear to be a waiter in the café, and the penguin is helping the polar bear as a frequent customer. Their funny conversation starts with a question from the polar bear:
“Mr. the panda, do you have anything that you are good at?”
“Yes! It is slowly eating bamboos.” The Panda answers.
“...” the penguin.
“...Well, what do you expect from me if you are accepted?” asks the polar bear.
“I wish to work twice a week.” answers the panda.
“Umm... twice a week...”
“Eh, does that mean I can work only one day a week??” The Polar Bear’s hesitance excited the panda.
“...No, I mean that I would like you to work at least 4 days a week.”
“That’s impossible~~” the panda blushes for no reason.
“...” The Polar Bear and the penguin are dumbstruck when they see the panda’s red face.
“But if you come to my house and get me, I’ll come to work immediately!” the panda tells the owner.
“You mean I have to go and get you every time?”
“Oh, no no, only when I am late.” answers the panda.
“...Sounds like he is so prepared to be late,” the penguin is surprised.
“By the way, are you motivated to work here?” asks the polar bear.
“Absolutely not.”

Obviously, panda is not accepted by the polar bear to work in the café. However, he soon finds a job in the zoo to work as a “panda” for the tourists and becomes a frequent customer of the café. As a panda, the panda is a big panda fan. He thinks that he is the cutest, and he loves collecting cute panda goods. Somehow his love towards pandas also results his different thinking style from others. The most famous example is that he buys a smart phone with a panda case, but unfortunately he breaks the case while dancing in the café.
“We are sorry about this, panda, but see, your phone is alright,” penguin is trying to be nice.
“All the smart phone matters to me is the panda case. Now the case is broken, the phone has no value to me any more,” replies panda.

In addition, after panda’s first day of working in the zoo, he comes back to the café and tells polar bear and penguin: “I worked so hard today and I fell asleep. Nobody woke me up so I slept until the zoo was closed.”
Polar bear really does not know how to reply, but penguin points out: “it looks like your job is just sleeping”...

This whole anime is made based on different aspects of life since the main characters are animals. For example, no one would have experienced to work in a zoo and to be watched by tourists like panda does. However, the anime is also showing us all the true life of the animals, that panda does not like moving, emperor penguins live in crowds when they are feeding their children, and polar bear’s body to head ratio is 9 to 1. It also brings each animal a unique characteristic such as penguin loves alcohol and polar bear loves doing origami. Mostly of the time it is making fun of those rummy thoughts of the animals. It can completely unload your stress and make you laugh for no reason.

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