Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Peter Langley and I Need a Rematch By Grace C.

So here’s the scoop on why Peter totally annihilated me on stage during Trivia on Wednesday morning. Last weekend, while I was drowning in my homework, I was listening to some beautiful music by Jason Mraz on Spotify, when out of whim I started to whistle along with his song, “I Won’t Give Up”.  I had learned how to whistle at a young age, imitating my dad who actually whistles through his teeth rather than his lips.  I was getting so into my whistling and because I was procrastinating on Twitter (as usual), I sent a tweet to our trivia master Georgia...

My original intention of this tweet wasn’t to actually compete against our Biology teacher, who’s regularly seen around campus whistling a jolly English tune. But when Georgia tweeted back saying that we should actually do this, I was told the match would be during Monday’s gathering. I was all prepared, calm and collected, my focus totally centered on how I was going to out-whistle Peter Langley. But what do you know! We didn’t have time for trivia on Monday, so I was never able to show off my whistling skills. So on Wednesday morning, while I was pushing my way through the crowd of people around the snack cart, I grabbed a cheese stick, which contains about 200 mg of sodium. 

When Georgia and Grace took the stage for trivia, they mentioned my tweet about the whistling competition and Peter was called up on stage. I had seen Peter downing a cup of tea that morning and warming up his chops as he strolled down the hallways. I, on the other had, had a dry mouth from my stick of 200 mg of salt and I couldn't stop laughing from nervousness.  Heck, I couldn't even whistle happy birthday!

Though I was impressed by how Peter caught onto that Hunger Games jingle, it was only 4 notes.  So, Peter, if you’re reading this article, I will continue to work on my whistling skills--starting from my scales, moving into simple lullabies and then finally to one of Bach’s fugues. Perhaps in the spring, I will declare a rematch (that is if I remember not eat that cheese stick)! As Jason Mraz taught me, I won’t give up!


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