Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Friday Facts by Jacqui B.

Black Friday has just gotten bigger and crazier over the years. Nearly 135 million people go out to shop on the day after Thanksgiving every year. This year was pretty monumental, though. Several department stores and other big ones like Target started their “door-busters” as early as Thanksgiving evening. And not just at 11 or midnight, but at 8 p.m. Why?? 

Opinion: Mass Effect Trilogy Should Not Exist by Matthew W-A.

Mass Effect 3 was... Controversial to say the least. It was well reviewed, and an excellent game for the most part, but it had one glaring flaw that left a lot of people angry: the ending. Mass Effect 3 was advertised as the epic conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy, and instead we got a “choose your explosion color” ending based on about the most literal interpretation of deus ex machina possible, resulting in an ending that would have made even M. Night Shyamalan cringe. The extended cut free DLC helped a bit, but it didn't do enough to really change most people's feelings about the ending What I am trying to say, is that as things stand, the Mass Effect franchise is not in good standing with it's fans, or the gaming community in general.

Giving Tree by Elanie F.

Giving Tree is one of the charity events held at OES around Thanksgiving Break and Christmas every year. All parts of OES: US, MS, and LS, faculty and students, combine their power together and help the families in the Beaverton District get warm Christmas gifts. It is a great project run by SLAC and AASK, where people have the opportunity to use their power for good.

OES Weekly Update by Spencer S.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Trivia by Elanie F. and Adrian G.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October in Canada.
President George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789 and again in 1795.
Congress passed an official proclamation in 1941 and declared that now onwards Thanksgiving will be observed as a legal holiday on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

Toilets by Janine K and Grace C

The Best Bathroom on the OES Campus is.... The MST Top Floor Bathroom!
We all agree that this bathroom takes the cake for best experience. It is often empty, well lit, and recently renovated!

OES Soccer Rules! by Amanda R. Pictures from Syd Y.

Congratulations to the girls and boys varsity soccer teams! The girls beat St. Mary’s on Tuesday 3-0 and they are now going to the state championships. The championship game will be at Liberty High School, this Saturday, November 17th, at 10:30. 

Also, congratulations to the boys varsity soccer team! They beat Catlin Tuesday night and will also being going to the state championships at Liberty High school! Their game is shortly after the girls at 1:00 on Saturday. If you’re a soccer fan, and even if you’re not, make sure to head out to the game on Saturday to show your support! Wear green and blue, bring pom-poms, bring everything you’ve got. Just make sure to show your support.

Game Review: Deadlight by Matthew W-A

Well, this was inevitable. 2.5D games (game with two dimensional gameplay that are rendered in 3D) have become popular on XBLA and SEAM as of late, and the zombie virus has been spreading through pop culture like, well, a plague. It was only inevitable that they would eventually meet. Deadlight from the studio Tequila Works is that meeting. The question is, is it any good?

Enjoy a Strategic Black Friday! by Elanie F.

Most of the women in the United States probably have this day as their favorite–– Black Friday, or in other words, the day after Thanksgiving. Every shop puts up huge deals that draw in waves of customers in the earliest hours of the day. As customers, what can we do to make sure we get what we desire? Here are some strategies.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New StuCo Website by Grace C.

Want to let StuCo about any thing? It could be ideas from Mystery Friday to ideas for Semi and Prom and of course the new Leadership Proposal.

Check out their new website:
StuCo Website CLICK HERE

StuCo will be releasing a document of their researches they have done so far this year about their finding about different leadership structures at other schools and list of things they want to fix/keep.

Please utilize this website to be updated about the Leadership Proposal and of course, to let StuCo know of any concerns or ideas for events!

OES Weekly Update. November 14th 2012 by Spencer S

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Setting the Stage for The Gifted Program. Photo by Amanda R.

Stagecraft in The Gifted Program by Amanda R

The stagecraft activity has been hard at work to prepare the set for the play. And behind it all is Cameron Jack, who is both the scenic designer and the technical designer for the play. He’s in charge of making sure that the set is functional and pretty looking, and that the lights are working properly. Designing a set in the great hall has proved to be fairly challenging, so Cameron Jack has decided to build it in a three-quarter thrust layout. All that means is that the audience sits on three sides of the stage rather than just directly in front of it. Since there isn’t much of a backstage, they are putting a black sheet that is connected to a metal pole from the top of the set, and the balcony. This provides a makeshift backstage. While rooms 60 and 61 are going to be dressing rooms for actors not on stage. This will hopefully maximize the usage space before, during, and after the play.

The set was built by creating separate pieces down at SPARC. They’re then loaded into a truck, and reassembled in the great hall. So essentially, the stagecrafters are having to build this set twice if you count taking it down as well. Cameron Jack hopes that this would help keep the great hall remain functional while still being able to have the set in place. If you’ve noticed behind the main stage, there is some clutter. Well, that’s where they’re holding all of their props so that they’re out of the way during gathering or when people are just walking to their next class. It also gives them a place to put their props when they aren’t being used. There are also wheels on most of their props to make their scene changes as easily and smooth as possible.

Games You Probably Haven't Tried Yet: Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines by Matthew W.A

Did you know that there was a time when vampire's didn't suck? Before Twilight came and ruined everything, vampires were actually pretty awesome. TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angle, and the British miniseries Ultraviolet told interesting and often dark stories, and pen and paper roleplaying games like Vampire the Masquerade wove tales of political intrigue and backstabbing. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (which from here on out I will just call “Bloodlines”) was at the tail end of that era when it came out in 2004, and did an amazing job of capturing the feel of being a vampire.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Student Leadership Update by Janine K.

You may be wondering what the status is of the Student Leadership proposal, which was debated during second semester last year. Last week, Grace C. and I attended an informal StuCo meeting, where we were briefed on their goals, timeline, and process for creating a new student government for the Class of 2014 election that will take place this coming June. 

Fall Sports: Coming Down to the Wire by Grace C

It seems crazy how the Fall sports season is coming to a close and in less than one week, Winter sports are starting back up.  However, there's no better excuse to miss a Winter sport practice because you're still practicing for your Fall sport. This as been a trend at OES for the past couple years.

The Gifted Program Photos: Terror in the Hallway. Photo by John H.

The Gifted Program Photos: The D&D Club in Action. Photo by John H.

Play Review: The Gifted Program By Jacqui B

OK, so everyone actually needs to go see the fall play this week. It’s hilarious. You will be missing out if you don’t. I’m not kidding.
Here is the description from the OES website:

In 1986, at the very bottom of Washington High's social food chain are the last remaining members of the Dungeons & Dragons' club: four maladapted refugees from a defunct program for gifted and talented students, who have been thrown into the harsh arena of an inner-city public high school.
When the identity of a secret admirer is revealed, the school's rigid hierarchy is upended; for Washington High's four most unpopular students, the simple pursuit of an education becomes a fight for survival.

When I first heard the description of the storyline for The Gifted Program at the beginning of the school year, honestly I thought it could be a little cheesy. Nope. It’s like watching juicy drama unfold before your eyes in a two-hour timespan. And, honestly, you can’t say you don’t enjoy that...

The Gifted Program photos: Garrett W in his Favorite Hat. Photo by John H.

The Gifted Program Photos: The Popular Girls are Gagging. Photo by John H.