Thursday, November 15, 2012

Enjoy a Strategic Black Friday! by Elanie F.

Most of the women in the United States probably have this day as their favorite–– Black Friday, or in other words, the day after Thanksgiving. Every shop puts up huge deals that draw in waves of customers in the earliest hours of the day. As customers, what can we do to make sure we get what we desire? Here are some strategies.

First of all, know where you are going and when the shops are opening! Usually most of the shops open early on Friday morning, but there are some exceptions this year. For example, Target is opening Thursday night at 9 and Walmart and Sears open Thursday night at 8. These big stores cover a big range of deals. At Target, the Apex 32’’ TV is on sale for $199 and a Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for $199.99. At Walmart, Beats Solo are for sale at $179.95, Galaxy III for $129 and an iPad 2 for $399 (which comes with a $75 gift card). At Sears, their specialties, household appliances like fridges and washing machine, will be on sale.

If shopping at 5 in the morning is not your cup of tea, do not forget the option of online shopping! In some stores, like Best Buy, the great deals that they have on Black Friday are usually up on their website, too! Therefore, the best choice would be going into the store earlier to test the performances of different electronics, make your decision, and come back buy them on onFriday morning!,, are also great websites to shop from. Online shopping can provide enjoyable shopping experiences for Black Friday because you can get the same merchandise but without having to deal with crowds of people!

If you want to have a successful shopping trip on this awesome (but sometimes dreaded) day, make strategic plans before going shopping on Black Friday!

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