Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Sports: Coming Down to the Wire by Grace C

It seems crazy how the Fall sports season is coming to a close and in less than one week, Winter sports are starting back up.  However, there's no better excuse to miss a Winter sport practice because you're still practicing for your Fall sport. This as been a trend at OES for the past couple years.

Just last week, Nick O. was reigned the 3A/2A/1A Cross Country State champion with a nearly course-record breaking time of 15:58; a fantastic end to his High School Cross Country career. We can't wait to see him on the track this Spring.

Both men's and women's soccer teams along with the women's volleyball team are well on their way in the state playoffs. Yesterday, the men's soccer team had a win against Irrigon, 2-0, with a goal from Gabe P.F and Rowan B. This Saturday, the women's and men's soccer team will be playing AT HOME. Men play at noon, women play at 2:00.

The women's volleyball team travelled this last weekend all the way to Burns, Oregon, which is closer to Boise, Idaho than it is to Portland, and got the 'W' there. They will next travel to Eugene, OR to play against the number 1 seed, Blanchet Catholic. Last year, the women's volleyball lost to Blanchet during their first round of state playoffs. Hopefully they will get their revenge this year.

We have so many great athletes who are playing their last season in high school volleyball or soccer, and we should keep up the Aardvark spirit by showing up to their games. It'd mean a lot to not just the seniors but to the team and the coaches who have spent hours sweating, bleeding and representing OES. We're proud of all our athletes!

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