Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toilets by Janine K and Grace C

The Best Bathroom on the OES Campus is.... The MST Top Floor Bathroom!
We all agree that this bathroom takes the cake for best experience. It is often empty, well lit, and recently renovated!

This is the bathroom in the chapel basement.
Though it is very quiet and empty, why do the stalls hang from the ceiling?

The Worst Bathroom on the OES Campus is... The first floor bathroom in the gym next to the equipment room. The smell, the fact that the space is only big enough for one stall, the darkness. The difficulty to get out of a stall because the doors block eachother...

Almost equally terrible is the women's locker room (gym) bathroom.
Ew. Seriously, what is with the two dispensers of toilet paper? Also terribly lit. The stench never leaves.

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