Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OES Fencing: Aiming For a Better Year! By Elanie F.

The OES Fencing program certainly has not been the one under spotlight for the past couple  of years. With few people participating, and a small number of tournaments every year, are reasons that this elegant sport loses attraction. However, with a lot more new blood and motivation, this year the team may make a difference.

The fencing team this year absorbed a fairly big group of new fencers including both first-time learners as well as experienced athletes. The first-time learners are mostly lower-classman, so they still have a lot of time to become  fencing stars in the next couple of years. In addition, the team has absorbed experienced fencers, too. The team started the year with simple basic movements with the goal of getting new people to a further level as well as strengthening the foundation of experienced fencers. Right now everyone in the team is fairly familiar with each other, and the one-hour practice three times a week has not been a heavy workload at all for anyone on the team, not even the Seniors, and everybody really enjoys exercising together. Under the lead of the captain, Jordan F., class of 13’, the purpose of fencing is not hitting each other hard and getting the points, but learning from your companion. The enormous time that the coach and Jordan put on teaching new fencers, I believe, will bring some victory to the team in the future, too!

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