Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recap of the StuCo Meeting by Grace C

Last Tuesday (27th) StuCo met for half of the school day to present their research (which they have been doing since the beginning of the school year).  All four grade reps (Cameron S., Alexandra U., Michael B., Aya T.), the dorm rep (Howard X.), Secretary (Galen P.), Treasurer (Sean J.), President (Alex C.) and Vice President (Cammie O.-F.), were accompanied by head of Upper School, Jordan E. and a faculty advisor, Deb W. to discuss their research.

Half of the StuCo members did research on the student government structure in schools similar to OES, and the other half did research on the current status of the OES student government. Though I was only able to stay for the first half of the meeting (discussing government structure in other schools), I was able to start seeing a vision of a new student government for OES.  The information that they had got from personally getting in touch with representatives from the other schools, were organized very clearly in the slide shows (which will be posted up on the StuCo website soon: StuCo Website Click Here)

There were two main categories that they were researching, Senate structure and Executive structure. The Senate structure is more policy oriented whereas the Execute structure is more social oriented.  The Senate would usually be a group of teachers and students (not much hierarchy  who gather to pass policies through voting within the group. The executive structure, the structure that OES currently has, usually incorporates the president, vice-president, 'executive-staff' and grade representatives and sometimes class boards.

As for the co-president option, research has shown some schools to have the male/female co-president rule, and others to have a 'policy' president and a 'social' president, which is said to be working well for the school that is using that structure.

StuCo's goal is to share a proposal with the student body after winter break. The members of StuCo are referring to all the feedback from the comments and proposals posted on the Blöphish last year, and they are all working very hard to churn out a new proposal for the year ahead.  Please send your comments, concerns, ideas to the StuCo website, or comment below!

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