Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reasons to Be at Semi Formal by Grace C

Semi is coming up in a few short days and I hope everyone is planning to make it to the dance. I truly believe that there is no excuse to not come to the dance (that is, if you don’t have other urgent functions to be at). Here are some reasons why I think everyone should be super excited for this year’s Semi Formal and why I should see every member of the student body getting loose on the dance floor.

1.     It’s the Freshmen’s first formal dance! This is what so many Freshmen have been waiting for: a formal dance where people anxiously wait to get asked (or decide who to ask), finding the perfect outfit and making sure your friends give you the word of consent, and planning out the details to make the night awesome.

2.     Though the Sophomores have had two opportunities to go to formal dances (last year’s Semi and Prom), this is the class of 2015’s first SADIE HAWKINS dance! It’s the class’s first chance to swap shoes: the girls have to figure out who to ask and the guys have to wait to see if and who asks them. However the ‘traditional’ way is still accepted and as written in statement above, the asking system at OES comes in ‘many flavors’.

3.     You get to test your luck…for charity!  The real money that is used to buy the funny money that is used to play poker will be donated to Pigs For Peace, this year’s Midwinter Madness organization. So if you think the stars are aligned for you on Semi night (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!), buy some more funny money, and in return you’ll also be donating to Pigs for Peace. It’s a win-win situation!

4.     It’s the YULE BALL! For all the Harry Potter fans out there, though there may not be a live band with singing goblins, our very own DJ Fall Line (Sam L.) will be playing all the hottest songs that will have your body moving* on the dance floor!
*= not grinding, of course. 

So everyone should come out and have a blast at this year's Semi Formal. It'll be a dance that will go down in the history books!

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