Thursday, January 24, 2013

Understanding the Student Leadership Proposal by Brian E.

While the student leadership proposal is not finalized, it seems to be fairly far along in the process. What we have so far is a proposal that is not obviously unreasonable, and contains everything absolutely necessary for success. However, most things in the student government have been completely reformed.

One of the most obvious differences is that the class boards will no longer exist. However, StuCo feels that these positions will no longer be needed with the new government structure, as with multiple representatives from each grade on StuCo, the work that the class board would do may no longer be needed. However, many members of the community wish that StuCo would reconsider this proposal.

Another radical change is the formation of two boards on StuCo: the policy board and the community board. Although the student body president is the president of both boards, they operate separately for the most part. The policy board, which will have one representative per grade, one from the dorms, and seven from clubs, seems to be somewhat of an advocating voice for students, while also helping in matters such as the hiring of new teachers and editing rules of conduct mentioned in the OES Hand book.

The community board, on the other hand, will be responsible for the planning of community events, such as prom, and will have two representatives per grade and a dorm representative. Anyone who is elected into the representative position has the opportunity to be a board chair.

The student body president, in a change from previous years, will come from one of the leadership positions. The seniors that get elected to be their class representatives (or dorm representative) in the elections to StuCo will be running against each other for the position of student body president. While the president is still elected by the entire school, their class must first elect him or her into a representative position.

The Policy board on StuCo both have open seats, which will be temporarily filled with representatives from different clubs, such as MUN and SLAC. These representatives will explain what their club needs/wants from StuCo.

The disciplinary committee will continue as it currently stands without changes, although this could change at a later date.

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