Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Recap of the Senior-Faculty Basketball Game by Brian E.

The senior-faculty basketball game is an annual tradition of Midwinter Madness. The games are always entertaining to watch, and this year’s was no exception, with some awesome plays, and some…not so awesome plays. However, with the seniors starting with a 98-74 advantage, it was obvious that unless the senior team completely flopped, they would easily win the game. The game started well for the seniors. Although the first play was a missed three-pointer by John M., Sean J. then sunk a three on the very next play to put the seniors into triple digits with a 101-74 lead. The starting five of Sean J., John M., Erica M., Galen P., and Cammie O.F. did well against the faculty, but some misplays started to happen after the first substitution.

During the substitution, our school runner Nick O. was supposed to go in, but didn’t go in until nearly 30 seconds after the substitution happened, leading to a five on four situation for the teachers. James L. and Nick O. both picked up quick fouls, leading to points for the teachers off free throws. Soon, one of the funniest moments in the history of sports happened when Nick O. went on a fast break and completely airballed his layup attempt, showing that being a great runner doesn’t necessarily imply being great at all sports. However, the seniors rebounded, both figuratively and literally, and went into the half with a 124-100 lead at the half...
The start of the second half contained the highlight of the game: the first points were from Sean J. dunking. This seemed to gather momentum for the seniors; they managed to hold the faculty to just eleven points in the entire half. The faculty’s play was unorganized; at one point, Cameron J. threw an absolute rocket at the basket, missing due to the sheer force. Soon after, Bryan S. got two steals in a row, both of which led to easy layups for the seniors. Although Sean J. missed another dunk at the buzzer, no one who was rooting for the seniors can complain. In the end, the seniors ended up scoring 21 points in the half, compared to the faculty’s 11, leading to a 145-111 win for the seniors.

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