Friday, February 1, 2013

Instrumental Music Concert by Adrian G.

On Wednesday January 22 the instrumentalists of OES gathered in the chapel to play music.  “It was fantastic,” says Sue Jensen, “one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.”  She remarked that she loved hearing the diverse array of timbres coming from all the different instruments.  The upper school music ensemble had a smaller audience than the other ensembles—only half the chapel was full.  The fact that there are some resident students in Instrumental Music meant that fewer parents could attend the concert.  However, the concert was filmed, so hopefully everyone who wishes to hear the concert will be able to.  David Swigart, the new jazz instructor at OES, led the Upper School ensemble through three jazz pieces.  Playing the jazz pieces was a special joy for me, especially playing with the wonderful instrumentalists of the Upper School.

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