Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sophomore Interviews: Charlie B. by Supanut C.

“Griffin!!!” yelled the boy in front of me with an over excited acting voice, green and brown hazel eyes and brown hair; his name is Charlie Evan Buker. I can count him as one of my good day student sidekicks. He loves to say my full name all the time and try to mix my name with a question to make it sound funny. It was not bad and I enjoyed listen to his new jokes. He looks so energetic all the time. I have never seen him in bad mood. He is a nice guy who smiles all the time.

“They are so cool. They have eagle beak and wing, but the tail and body is lion. They eat fish. Do you know that? They are so cool. I have seen them before,” he explained enthusiastically. I know he was joking. How can he see the imagined animal? He also showed me the picture of the griffin too. His ancestors came from Germany. His real last name is Booker, but when his grandparents said booker, the Americans said “buker.” So they changed his last name to Buker. He also told me that booker means accountant or something like bookkeeper. He also added that he had a project in fifth grade to trace his ancestors, so he knows his father’s side is German and his mother’s side is American. He came to OES when he was four, so he is an OES lifer. He is very proud about this. He explained that he would decorate his graduation hat. He will put fourteen on his hat as the number of his years at OES. He is looking forward to decorate his graduation hat very much. He has one sibling. His elder brother goes to Gonzaga University in Washington State. He also went to OES.
“There is no reason to talk about politics. I don’t really care. I’m just a kid. Politics are too far from me,” he said about politics and it seemed like he does not really care about politics. But when he spoke about little kids, it was the reverse. It seemed like he was very excited. He loves to work with little kids. He used to help out at the basketball camp with little kids. He also told me that he will keep the lower school intern in his mind to be one choice for Winterim, too. He likes to watch action and comedy movies. “I like comedy. Do you know? The movies that made you laugh. They are funny,” he replied. His favorite movie is The Lord Of the Rings. He emphasized that it must be the second episode only. He talked about Sam and Frodo’s quest. They are characters in the Lord Of the Rings trilogy. Nevertheless, he is not a fan of reading. He does not read a lot, so he does not have a favorite book. This surprised me a little bit. I thought he would read a lot because he was always paying attention in class and discussing everything. In addition, Thai kids have been told all the time that western nation’s kids read books a lot. But he stated he would like to have a good reading and sport skills too. I thought at least he would have a favorite book, but no. I know from his jackets that he plays lacrosse and basketball. His jackets are a blue OES lacrosse jacket and a Jordan Jacket, basketball jacket. Another thing that surprised me a little bit was music. He said he does not have a favorite kind of music. He just listens to what “cool kids” listen to. Many kids are the same as him; they just listen to what the majority listens to. They do not really have their own favorite.
        “Gym is my favorite place in OES. Actually, it is weight room. I had a lot of memory in that room and also the Lower school playground.” he responded. He also stated that in the Lower school playground, that ground hurt many children. It was so funny. I know what that ground looks like and it seems to be easy to hurt yourself over there.
        However, Charlie Buker, sophomore at Oregon Episcopal School, is a great guy that always comes with a laugh and is ready to make the atmosphere funny. I assure you that every time you talk to him, he will make you laugh.

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