Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Sports by Brian E.

It’s late February, and spring sports have kicked off. Although OES is conspicuously missing a few sports such as baseball and swimming, between lacrosse, track, golf, and tennis, there are plenty of sports at OES for everyone. An analysis of the prognostics of the sports can be found below.

Lacrosse is one of our premier sports along with Soccer, with OES being a perennial powerhouse in the 6A division. The sport always has a good turnout for practices, but is somewhat lacking in seniors (come on seniors, show your school spirit, this is your last year), with Ryan A. being the only returning varsity senior. Of course, this doesn’t stop the team from being excellent this year; even with Matt J. out for an extended period of time, the prognostics for the team this year are good.
Due to the fact that the author of this article does track, he has a good idea of what may happen this year. We have our resident state champion Nick O., who despite almost never practicing with the team, still manages to get first place every year, and will definitely go to state. Fortunately, we are getting strong in other events this year, as the only state athlete we lost between last year and this year being Hannah D. We also have many rising stars that in the author’s opinion have a good chance to make state this year, such as Tess O. in hurdles and our 4x100 boys relay team, most likely consisting of some combination of Max A., Cloud N., Sangjin P., James G. myself (Brian E.), Galen P., and Daniel H. Speaking of our 4x100 team, we were only two seconds off the school record last year, so there is a possibility that a record will be broken by someone other than Nick O. There are also many other athletes not far behind making state, and gaining Galen P. and Daniel H. this year will give the track team good prognostics for this year.
Tennis won state last year and will probably do it again this year. That’s enough said.
While the author does not know much about the golf team, they seem to have some good talent. Although golf does not look as hard as other sports, having played it before, I can say that golf requires much skill. Hopefully, the golf team does well this year, and despite the fact that only four or five people make varsity, we still seem to have a good team this year.
Overall, our chances in sports this year seem to be good, and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to seeing how the season plays out for all sports. To all sports players at OES, whether inside or outside of school, good luck!

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