Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get to Know Mike Fish by Adrian G.

While Debby Schauffler is away on sabbatical, Mike Fish will be teaching her Humanities and English 10 classes.  I had a chance to meet with Mike for a few minutes.  OES alumnus Mike Fish is very fond of OES.  Ever since he was a student here, he has fit into the OES community very comfortably.  Having a big group of friends that went to OES, he has never really left the community at all.  Now he is very glad to be at the school every day teaching.  He notes that, although the OES campus has changed since he went to school here, many of the traditions he remembers are alive today, such as trivia in gatherings and the Blophish newspaper.  He cites Debby Schauffler, who was one of his humanities teachers, as a favorite teacher of his.  Toni Morrison and Thomas Pynchon are his favorite writers and he seems to have more hobbies than anyone I’ve ever met.  Most of all he wanted to tell me that he was just excited to be teaching at OES.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tulips for Chella

Thanks to Laurel G. for putting together this amazing bouquet!

Interview with Debby Schauffler by Brian E.

Debby Schauffler has been a teacher at OES for a long time, and deserves a break from the worries of school. Thus, she has decided to go on sabbatical for the rest of this year, and is planning to do many interesting things. She has shared with the Blöphish a few of the things that she plans to do during this time, and they all sound very interesting.
Debby ponders the possibilities of sabbatical...
One of the main things that Debby is planning to do is go travel. First, she plans to go to Washington D.C. and just explore the city. Her son lives in Washington D.C., and she wants to visit him,. She also just wants to explore the east coast. However, this is only the start of her sabbatical, and the next thing she plans to do seems like it would be incredibly exciting: going to Rome, Italy (not Rome, Oregon). There are two reasons to visit Rome: for one, Debby has a friend who lives in Rome who she wants to visit. The other reason is that the just wants to get knowledge of Rome for herself and to be able to better teach her Humanities students.

After her visit to Rome, she doesn’t have anything else planned other than to simply relax in Portland. She plans to read for pleasure, do a few writing projects, and just do things that are hard to do during the school year such as going to the beach.

Of course, Debby also has many memories about OES throughout her career. When asked about her favorite part about OES so far, she says that she just likes watching the freshman class change from new students who don’t know much about high school to people who know each other and have become integrated into the high school culture. Overall, I am sure that the entire school hopes that Debby has a good sabbatical, and we all wish her the best during the time.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gary Crossman Embarks Upon Sabbatical by Janine K.

You may notice in the coming days that the OES community will be short of one Gary Crossman. if you have already felt this strange absence and done some research you would have found that Gary is not sick, nor fired, but is living the ultimate dream of all teachers-sabbatical. Gary has put the dry erase pen on the board sill for the year, in order to pursue his passions, spend time with friends and family, and soak up some nice R and R (not to mention sunshine...)!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Sabbatical program at OES, here is a quick summary. Teachers' names are placed on the wait list after they have taught a full seven years; however, teachers must wait for their all teacher's who have already had their name on the list to go on Sabbatical before they take the higher priority spots. This process can take a whopping twenty years, since only two to three teachers go on Sabbatical every year.

Gary is currently in Ecuador with the Winterim group (tune back in to the Blophish for pictures and trip summaries!). Upon his return, he will be off to New York to visit his daughter and his former advisees that are attending schools on the east coast. Next he will travel to San Francisco and visit his son.

After his coast hopping, he will stay west and complete a 500-600 mile bike tour from San Francisco Mexico with a close friend. He says he is most excited for this experience, as he has been planning it for years.

"I like school, I like my job. Part of me feels a bit guilty [for leaving]" Gary said pensively. He hopes to "keep tabs with life at school," by coming back for graduation and seeing his students off. After the school year officially wraps up, however, Gary will continue his adventures in a backpacking excursion with his wife in Europe.

This may all seem like a hodgepodge of trips, events, and visits, but Gary planned his Sabbatical as such that he would have a nice mix of time abroad as time to spend at home. "I am grateful to OES to make an opportunity for me to do this," he says.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Summer Reading Preview by Brian E.

As returning students will know, OES has a summer reading program. While this does unfortunately mean that there is a slight amount of homework over the summer, it also provides an opportunity to read a book that you might not read otherwise. Although it is slightly far away, there are already many good titles that have been submitted. Check these out…

Ottotainment Ep.1 by Otto L.

            Welcome to the first episode of Ottotainment! This is where you find videos that will inspire you, leave you on the ground laughing and amaze you!

Let’s start off with the things that will make you go all “LOL”.

This first video is a Foot Locker commercial; featuring NBA stars James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets. Kris Humphries as many of you know, married Kim Kardashian in October 2011 and 72 days later, Kim filed for a divorce. Soon after that both Kim and Humphries were both made fun of for their (slightly) short marriage. What makes this video gold is the fact that Kris Humphries agreed to make fun of himself for money! Kudos to him!

Chella's Story by Grace C.

I remember my 8th grade class filing into ‘The Pit’ one spring morning.  Our class knew that we had a holocaust survivor coming to speak to us, however we all romped into room like it was another boring meeting.  As we all got settled into our spots on the stairs, Chella Kryszek, a petite lady in her 60s sat in a classroom chair.  Once she started talking, the whole room became dead silent as we were all transported back into the 1940s at the start of the second World War.  Though I don’t remember the details of her story, I do remember that I, along with everyone else in that musty room, was moved by Chella’s story of survival. Her tone was very optimistic; even though her life story was filled with unfathomable terror her spirit was contagious.

If you want to read Chella’s biography, please click here
If you want to hear Chella tell her story, please watch this video. 

Weekly Update by Spencer S.

Meriwether's Review By Hayley J. (Of Green Team)

It’s not difficult to find restaurants serving local produce in a foodie, environmentally conscious city like Portland, but few establishments can boast of their own farm. Two years ago, Meriwether’s Restaurant, a nine-year-old business in Northwest Portland, started operating Skyline Farm, a five-acre plot of land twenty minutes from the restaurant. After starting the venture in 2011, the proprietors have conducted two successful harvests and have served over 15,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables at their restaurant. The tiny farm can provide about 75% of Meriwether’s produce during the peak season. This year, some highlights from the garden include Green Zebra Tomatoes, Painted Mountain Corn, Seascape Strawberries, Mexican Sour Gherkins, and Chiogga Beets.

Freshman Acting by Adrian G.

The winter one acts gave underclassmen a chance to show their acting talents.  Everett P. is one of those students who have distinguished himself as an important actor in the OES community.  Everett, a focused and determined speaker, says he has been acting since first grade and that he started doing professional work in sixth grade.  His primary interest is in musical theatre, for which he takes dance, voice and acting classes.  “Musical theatre is different, there’s something more to it,” he says.  However, the One Acts gave him a chance to focus on acting.  He attempted to bring out the subtle emotions underneath the script of the play “Harmony”.  “It was all about finding pure emotions,” says Everett on acting in the play.   Everett thought it was difficult to relate to his character in the play.  In order to convey true emotions, he recollected moments in his life when he felt the same emotions as his character, though for different reasons.  On stage he could recall quickly these emotions.  We expect more great acting from Everett in the future!