Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Summer Reading Preview by Brian E.

As returning students will know, OES has a summer reading program. While this does unfortunately mean that there is a slight amount of homework over the summer, it also provides an opportunity to read a book that you might not read otherwise. Although it is slightly far away, there are already many good titles that have been submitted. Check these out…

•  Agincourt, submitted by Tobias M., is a novel by Bernard Cornwell that describes the leadup to the Battle of Agincourt.
•  Deadeye Dick, submitted by Peter Buonincontro (a dorm parent) and written by Kurt Vonnegut, is a novel about a kid who accidentally kills someone as a child.
•  The Elegant Universe, submitted by Brian E., is a scientific book written by Brian Greene that talks about the science behind string theory and related theories.
•  Freddy and Fredericka, submitted by Matt H., is a satire by Mark Helprin about British Royal couple.
•  Game of Thrones, submitted by Robby B. and Arjun R., is a novel series that depicts struggles in civilization.
•  The Host, submitted by Grace C., is a novel by Stephenie Meyer that is about an alien race that takes over the earth.
•  The Magicians, submitted by Alex O. and Gabe Edge, is a novel by Lev Grossman about a teenager who figures out that there is indeed a magical world similar to that in books.
•  Modelland, submitted by Harper H., is a book by Tyra Banks about modeling.
•  Moneyball, submitted by Vijay E., is a book where Michael Lewis depicts Bernie Beane’s struggles to make the Oakland Athletics a good team despite having limited financial resources.
•  No Easy Day, submitted by Michael S., is nonfiction by the anonymous “Mark Owen”, depicting the mission to kill Bin Laden.
•  Predator’s Gold, submitted by Matt B., is a book by Philip Reave in the series Mortal Engines Quartet, which is about a distant future in which Earth is nearly uninhabitable.
•  The Round House, submitted by Chris Myers, is a novel by Louise Eldrich, depicting Native Americans’ struggles.
•  The Shadow of the Wind, submitted by Natalie L., is a Spanish novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafrón about post-war Barcelona.
•  Silent Spring, submitted by Clare M., is a book by Rachel Carson about the environmental crisis going on.
•  The Sisters Brothers, submitted by Gary Crossman, written by Patrick DeWitt, is about two murderers in Oregon and California, delivered in a slightly comic tone.
•  Youth in Revolt, submitted by Spencer S., is a humorous novel by C. D. Payne is the story of a smart 14-year-old.

As can be seen, there is a wide variety of books being offered this year, and there should be a book for every person. If you are a junior and want to submit a book, there is still time!

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