Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chella's Story by Grace C.

I remember my 8th grade class filing into ‘The Pit’ one spring morning.  Our class knew that we had a holocaust survivor coming to speak to us, however we all romped into room like it was another boring meeting.  As we all got settled into our spots on the stairs, Chella Kryszek, a petite lady in her 60s sat in a classroom chair.  Once she started talking, the whole room became dead silent as we were all transported back into the 1940s at the start of the second World War.  Though I don’t remember the details of her story, I do remember that I, along with everyone else in that musty room, was moved by Chella’s story of survival. Her tone was very optimistic; even though her life story was filled with unfathomable terror her spirit was contagious.

If you want to read Chella’s biography, please click here
If you want to hear Chella tell her story, please watch this video. 

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