Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gary Crossman Embarks Upon Sabbatical by Janine K.

You may notice in the coming days that the OES community will be short of one Gary Crossman. if you have already felt this strange absence and done some research you would have found that Gary is not sick, nor fired, but is living the ultimate dream of all teachers-sabbatical. Gary has put the dry erase pen on the board sill for the year, in order to pursue his passions, spend time with friends and family, and soak up some nice R and R (not to mention sunshine...)!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Sabbatical program at OES, here is a quick summary. Teachers' names are placed on the wait list after they have taught a full seven years; however, teachers must wait for their all teacher's who have already had their name on the list to go on Sabbatical before they take the higher priority spots. This process can take a whopping twenty years, since only two to three teachers go on Sabbatical every year.

Gary is currently in Ecuador with the Winterim group (tune back in to the Blophish for pictures and trip summaries!). Upon his return, he will be off to New York to visit his daughter and his former advisees that are attending schools on the east coast. Next he will travel to San Francisco and visit his son.

After his coast hopping, he will stay west and complete a 500-600 mile bike tour from San Francisco Mexico with a close friend. He says he is most excited for this experience, as he has been planning it for years.

"I like school, I like my job. Part of me feels a bit guilty [for leaving]" Gary said pensively. He hopes to "keep tabs with life at school," by coming back for graduation and seeing his students off. After the school year officially wraps up, however, Gary will continue his adventures in a backpacking excursion with his wife in Europe.

This may all seem like a hodgepodge of trips, events, and visits, but Gary planned his Sabbatical as such that he would have a nice mix of time abroad as time to spend at home. "I am grateful to OES to make an opportunity for me to do this," he says.

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