Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get to Know Mike Fish by Adrian G.

While Debby Schauffler is away on sabbatical, Mike Fish will be teaching her Humanities and English 10 classes.  I had a chance to meet with Mike for a few minutes.  OES alumnus Mike Fish is very fond of OES.  Ever since he was a student here, he has fit into the OES community very comfortably.  Having a big group of friends that went to OES, he has never really left the community at all.  Now he is very glad to be at the school every day teaching.  He notes that, although the OES campus has changed since he went to school here, many of the traditions he remembers are alive today, such as trivia in gatherings and the Blophish newspaper.  He cites Debby Schauffler, who was one of his humanities teachers, as a favorite teacher of his.  Toni Morrison and Thomas Pynchon are his favorite writers and he seems to have more hobbies than anyone I’ve ever met.  Most of all he wanted to tell me that he was just excited to be teaching at OES.

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