Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interview with Debby Schauffler by Brian E.

Debby Schauffler has been a teacher at OES for a long time, and deserves a break from the worries of school. Thus, she has decided to go on sabbatical for the rest of this year, and is planning to do many interesting things. She has shared with the Blöphish a few of the things that she plans to do during this time, and they all sound very interesting.
Debby ponders the possibilities of sabbatical...
One of the main things that Debby is planning to do is go travel. First, she plans to go to Washington D.C. and just explore the city. Her son lives in Washington D.C., and she wants to visit him,. She also just wants to explore the east coast. However, this is only the start of her sabbatical, and the next thing she plans to do seems like it would be incredibly exciting: going to Rome, Italy (not Rome, Oregon). There are two reasons to visit Rome: for one, Debby has a friend who lives in Rome who she wants to visit. The other reason is that the just wants to get knowledge of Rome for herself and to be able to better teach her Humanities students.

After her visit to Rome, she doesn’t have anything else planned other than to simply relax in Portland. She plans to read for pleasure, do a few writing projects, and just do things that are hard to do during the school year such as going to the beach.

Of course, Debby also has many memories about OES throughout her career. When asked about her favorite part about OES so far, she says that she just likes watching the freshman class change from new students who don’t know much about high school to people who know each other and have become integrated into the high school culture. Overall, I am sure that the entire school hopes that Debby has a good sabbatical, and we all wish her the best during the time.

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