Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ottotainment Ep.1 by Otto L.

            Welcome to the first episode of Ottotainment! This is where you find videos that will inspire you, leave you on the ground laughing and amaze you!

Let’s start off with the things that will make you go all “LOL”.

This first video is a Foot Locker commercial; featuring NBA stars James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets. Kris Humphries as many of you know, married Kim Kardashian in October 2011 and 72 days later, Kim filed for a divorce. Soon after that both Kim and Humphries were both made fun of for their (slightly) short marriage. What makes this video gold is the fact that Kris Humphries agreed to make fun of himself for money! Kudos to him!

There’s also an alternate version of this commercial, the one that didn’t air on TV! Again, Humphries does a great job of mocking himself and how the media portrays him with his failed marriage.

            The Harlem shake! A phenomenon that spread around the world like a virus! Something that has even infected the OES community, which managed to produce three Harlem shake videos. The premise of all Harlem shake videos is that it starts off with an interlude to the song Harlem Shake by Baauer, where there is one person in a video in the video doing something crazy while everybody else in the scene is casually minding their own business. Then after the buildup of the music, the song goes into a spurt of mind-blowing dubstep beats, in which the video cuts into the same scene, but with everyone moving around doing something crazy! This video separates itself from all the other Harlem Shake videos, because…. Well… just watch.

            Nothing is more entertaining to watch than a middle-aged man such as  Conan O’Brien, play video games. He knows nothing about them, but still he does it, an reviews it with no sense of judgment. Here’s a video of Conan reviewing the hit-videogame Halo 4! Enjoy!

Song of the week: Blue Sky- Common
            Music can be a very powerful thing that can make you smile or, even inspire you! This “blue sky” refers to the attitude of wanting to be successful and fulfilling your purpose. I feel like that this song tries to convey to listeners that you should go out and follow your dreams! It makes me wake up every morning, thinking that it’s going to be a good day by just looking at the beautiful blue sky (Not everyday, because it’s Oregon, but still!)! Sky is the limit! There’s never going to be a bad day!

Well, that’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more videos next week!

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