Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ask Puffer: Just Put Yourself Out There, by Anonymous

Since I haven’t collected many recent responses to Ask Puffer, I thought I’d write a blurb to explain more in depth about the column. Ask Puffer is a new student- led advice column. My identity will remain anonymous along with the identities of any people who submit questions. I would love to help answer any questions you guys might have that need advice. I know how hard it is to deal with a problem by yourself, and that’s exactly why I created this column: to help you guys out! So, if there’s anything that’s bothering you or that you need some guidance on, send in a question! The link to the form will be sent out by email about every two weeks. I will try my best to get your responses out as soon as possible. You can also check out the Ask Puffer tab on the Blöphish page to read my advice!

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