Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Band Festival at Clatskanie by Elanie F.

On April 10, OES US Band went all the way to Clatskanie to participate in an annual district band festival. This is the first time that OES sent a band to a music competition, and the group did well. Although OES was not qualified to go to state, everyone in the band seemed to be very satisfied with their performance.

OES has only had a concert band for 3 years ago. Since there are various of art opportunities around campus, not everyone participates in the music program, therefore we have a comparatively smaller group than other schools. The biggest band in the 3A league contained about 50 people with a full instrumentation such as 10 flutes, 6 clarinets and a couple of bassoons, oboes, and french horns. However, the OES band only has 1 flute, 2 clarinets, 2 trumpets, 3 saxophones and some instruments that usually don’t belong to a concert band including 1 viola, 1 marimba and 2 pianos. In such a small group of 16 people, almost everyone has a different part of the music to play. Therefore, once someone makes a mistake, everyone hears it; the band did make a couple of unexpected mistakes because the musicians were nervous. Unfortunately the band lost the competition due to the low scores they received on musicality, which can mostly be explained by the lack of balance of sound due to our incomplete instrumentation, but as the OES music program moves on, more people join in, OES band will rock at Clatskanie one day.

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