Thursday, April 25, 2013

Café Review: Emilie's by Andrea B.

If you are looking for a great local coffee shop with delicious pastries and drinks that beat out Starbucks any day, look no further than Emilie’s Dessert Cafe. Emilie’s is located on Canyon Rd, right next to the Portland Lexus dealer. I have been going to Emilie’s ever since freshman year when I was looking for a local family-owned cafe. As you walk in, jazz music can be heard as some of the “regulars” get their daily croissant and americano. The Baristas are very welcoming and it is a great place to study with friends or just hang out on the couches. I often go there to study for finals because the atmosphere is so quiet and calm. My personal favorite is the mexican mocha and of the pastries, the almond financier. This is an egg-filled delicious muffin with raspberries scattered throughout. I would recommend to stop by Emilie’s and try their pastries and delicious sandwiches while working on some homework.

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