Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Headed to The Masters by Grace C.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like the Golf Winterim when the week started. My friends were off to hot locations like Hawaii and Ecuador, and I was stuck in rainy Portland, Oregon.  On the first day the group of 14 drove over a couple miles to Redtail golf course and hit off the second floor of the practice range. This was the first time many students had ever hit a golf ball, and it was entertaining, and frankly quite dangerous, as novice golfers swung iron clubs.  Though no one was injured during this Winterim, there were some close calls as golf balls popped up in every direction except straight.

The next three days were spent out on the course (Meriwether and Charbonneau golf courses) as the group was split into smaller groups of 3-4. Each day we played 9 holes, which took about 2.5 hours, and we got to tee off with different people.  Golf is interesting because of the hundreds of awful and frustrating shots we hit. But a single, perfect hit can make your day.  I lost track of the number of balls I lost to lakes and surround houses’ gardens, but that sweet sound that the club makes when it hits the ball just right is what golfers play the game for. 
On the very last day of Winterim, the day was supposed to be wet and we had the choice of doing an inside activity or going out to the course for one final hurrah. I guess golf truly is addicting, because the group decided to head out to Charbonneau golf course for a final round of nine, cold, rainy, and even hail-y holes.  I think my greatest accomplishment was on the 9th hole of our last day, I tee-d off using the Happy Gilmore (a movie we saw as a group during a rainy morning), running swing, and I got closest to the hole, which Joel awarded me with a fun sized Snickers bar. You bet I was proud.    

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