Friday, April 12, 2013

OES Choir Advances by Adrian G.

The OES choir qualifies for the Oregon State Championships. They are going to sing on May 9th, the day after Mt. Hood Service day at George Fox University. What makes the OES choir so great? They sing songs in six different languages and sing an all a capella set with no instrumental accompaniment. The fact that the OES choir is smaller than most high school choirs means that every member has to be individually responsible for their music. The basses especially have to work hard tobe spot on all the time because there are only four of them.

Choir director Adam Steele recognizes that music is often not the priorityfor OES students. Other schools, in the OES division, place enormous amount of importance of band and choir programs, sometimes encouraging students to play music instead of football. But Adam’s goal, as a music teacher is to have students love making music as adults. Adam says, “what matters to me is that people who come through my classes have confidence and love for music, so that when the become a doctor or something and then 20 years down the road they say, ‘things are going great but, man, I’d love to join a choir’ and they have confidence to do that.” He thinks the real purpose of music is to create art that interests an audience, rather winning high school and college competitions. But the choir competition validates that the Choir is making good art. And making good art is what all music groups
should aim for.

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