Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Promposal Ideas by Grace C.

Prom is coming up and people are starting to look for dates. This being said, I know plenty of people going as a big group of friends, rather than having a date, and I've seen girls take initiative and asking boys instead of waiting. To be added, as mentioned for Semi, the OES Style of dance asking is not restricted to girl-boy couples: "Ask whomever you want, regardless of gender, to any dance".

Here are some interesting and creative ways to ask:

I've seen roses been given, but never with the letters on the roses!

Who doesn't love candy?
Hipster Prom ask

I'm not sure how someone would feel getting asked by getting shot with a nerf gun. But ok. 
Let's hope they didn't 'reject the call with message'.

For the Harry Potter fans (side note, this was a girl asking a guy).

Hopefully you won't need to wait in the trunk for long. 

Some funny Youtube Videos: 

This guy has got some courage to dance infront of 30 girls

For the record, Kate Upton replied and said yes if her schedule allows. So who knows? Maybe you can ask your dream celebrity. It's been done before.

Finally. If you're just over prom, maybe this video will cheer you up.


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