Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Strategy Games Winterim by Brian E.

The Winterim “Strategy Games” obviously involves playing strategy games. With games ranging from Diplomacy to Illuminati to Hearts, there are plenty of games for everyone to play and have fun. However, this Winterm is not only about fun and relaxing; it is also about getting to know classmates better and develop skills to learn how to react to both the expected and unexpected. Personally, I have very much enjoyed this Winterim, as have other people in it, and if it is offered again next year, I encourage people to sign up for it.

Strategy Games by Adrian G

In the Winterim Strategy Games we played many classic strategy games such as Diplomacy, Risk, Chess, Power Grid, Agricola, and Hearts.  These games call for a lot of concentration and mental stamina.  I was surprised to find that good interpersonal skills were helpful in playing strategy games.  When playing games, people do not act merely as self-interested computers, but with goals besides winning the games.  People are willing to compromise their own positions in the games to achieve different ends.  The interpersonal nature of these games made us learn about each other’s personalities.  Being a novice at most of the games, I was happy to have fellow members of the class assist me in making strategy decisions.  I didn’t enjoy playing games that take place in the ancient world or games with cards that represent complex things beyond the basic game.  The simple games played nicely.   I recommend this Winterim.  

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