Thursday, April 25, 2013

StuCo Advice by Janine K. with Special Appearances by StuCo

At first, I thought it would be nice to write an article advising StuCo hopefuls on what to expect next year and how to write the perfect speech. However, never having been on StuCo myself, I decided to use a lifeline call for some backup. The responses were so nuanced that I decided to just publish the original responses. Hope this helps, good luck to all!

StuCo advice according to Alex C. (President):

In your speech, it's important to highlight the experience that makes you qualified to be a leader of your class. It is also important to show you're a part of the OES culture. Stuco needs representatives that are involved in the OES community at a higher level.
Address the question: Why should the student body vote for you? What are you bringing to the table? What ideas do you have that will make next year better?

StuCo advice according to Galen P. (Secretary):

I'd say one of the most important things is know the commitment you are making by running for student council. If you are elected, each activity period will be taken up and student council requires work outside of the activity period. This is a year long commitment and even during the end of the year when senioritis kicks in, it is important that you stay committed. The underclassmen will look up to you so it is important you set a good example. 

However, being on student council is an awesome responsibility. Your voice will be heard and you will have a say in many of the decisions. It is also just so interesting to know what is going on inside the school and working to connect the student body to the faculty and administration.  The harder you work in terms of planning events and dances will determine how much fun you and the rest of the student body has, so it is a fun job. 

In terms of the election process, I'd say it is important to reach out to a lot of people and let them know the type of person you are. While it is important to also list your accomplishments and qualities, you also don't want to come off like you are bragging. 

Student Council is awesome and everyone should run!

StuCo advice from Sean J. (Treasurer):

Everyone should run for a StuCo position because it's cooler than cool beans.

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