Saturday, May 11, 2013

Candidate Statements for Student body President 2013 Election

I’m Natalie and I am running for student body president. When I first came to OES as a freshman, I was nervous and unsure about the future. The only thing I knew was that I liked the community feeling when I shadowed. Almost four years later, the strong community is still what stands out to me about OES. As my senior year approaches, I want everyone to be able to share in the lively community we have here, and to work together to make it even more vibrant. One thing this community has given me is many opportunities for leadership, both within the school and outside of it. I am the president of JSA, I am on the DC, and I am a mentor and tutor to younger students. Outside of OES, I serve on the board of Momentum Alliance, a nonprofit that I helped found on the principles of creating youth leaders from diverse backgrounds. That mission, to foster new leadership styles, is exactly what I see reflected in the new OES student leadership. The goal is to cultivate the diversity of ideas that we have here in order to strengthen our school and to hear new voices, and I think that with these combined voices will come a new passion within our community. I know that next year will be a year of change, which is hard, but I believe that I have the energy, motivation, and ability to help shape that change into something powerful.

Natalie L
Student Body President Candidate

Nothing signals the fast approach of a new year at OES better than election season!  The Dynamics of student government are significantly transforming next year.  The responsibilities of each leadership role are magnifying, and more than any previous year the student body is in need of a leader who has the ability to set an energetic and inclusive tone to the year right from the get-go.  I feel that I, Michael Brock have built up the skills over the past three years of high school through varsity soccer, lacrosse to know how to be a true team player and work with students and faculty towards a common goal.  I have become familiar with the workings of an effective student government through my representation and leadership on Student Council over the past two years.  I have, and will continue to give everyone in the student body the voice they deserve to bring out their inner-aardvark through not only inclusive and extreme social events, but also in positive policy changes that the student body president will have the honor of leading this coming year.  I have a vision of sharing a simply stellar year with each of you starting this fall.
Join me for a year to remember,
Michael B.
Student Body President Candidate

Class of 2014

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