Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chemical Synthesis by Janine K.

In Chemical Synthesis, we have completed various labs that explore synthesizing and testing the yield of various different products. So far, we have worked with Wintergreen, Asprin, and Bioethanol, and made rockets. In my favorite lab so far this year, we attempted to make soap using various fragrances that were generously donated to the class; however, the pH of the soaps were so high that it could essentially burn skin. But hey, practice makes perfect. (I would like to genuinely apologize to all of the Honors/Regular Chemistry students who use the Chem Lab after G block, the smell is often quite unpleasant and possibly hazardous.)

Originally, I wanted to write about our Ferrofluid lab, which would be the magnetic fluid. Unfortunately, the lab failed due to complications. Below is a photo of my ferrofluid before it was properly disposed of.

Ferrofluid with Magnetic Stir Plate
TLC Plate

Currently, we are synthesizing Porphyrin. This extensive lab will take a few weeks total, as we will be conducting Thin Layer Chromatography and Column Chromatography tests. Ultimately, we will complete a Visible Spectroscopy as well before writing up our lab. Below is a picture of my TLC plate of the Porphyrin, which shows the product's consistency as the product lines come to an even line.

All in all, Chemical Synthesis is an adventure that I highly recommend to all, even those with sensitive senses of smell.

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