Thursday, May 9, 2013

Film and Video-Hollywood in OES by Otto L.

Horror movies, epic trailers, unintended humor and ridiculous plots. You can do all of that in the Film and Video class, led by Jeffrey Sprague. Every class, after some planning for your film, you go around the campus with a tripod, a camcorder and a group of classmates to film something and make something out of it! Sometimes, you don’t even know what the plot of your film is, but your filming it anyway. After a film has been edited and polished, students in the class gather around each other’s computers to see works of art that everyone had crafted. They share laughs and then some constructive criticism to make each other better filmmakers! Even if you’re not a the best actor, editor or director, it’s a great experience to utilize whatever creativity you have and enjoy doing so!

            P.S.: If any of you saw me crawling and wriggling on the floor in G block sometimes, it was because I was acting. My mental state is perfectly normal.

Here are a couple of examples of the films that Nut C., Jessica W., and I have made in this class:

Picture: Jessica W. and I doing some acting.

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