Thursday, May 30, 2013

Harvest Moon Review by Elanie F.

Harvest Moon is one of the few video games that I have played, but there is no doubt that it is one of the best games for more relaxed players to play. It is a role playing game of life on a farm in a small town. The town people are friendly, the player gets the chance to make friends, give and receive gifts from each other, learn secret recipes from the people, and even get married with one of the boys/girls in town while farming the land and raising animals.

The balance between the farm the relationship with the town people is one of the my favorite parts of the game. On one hand players want to earn a lot of money to upgrade the house, barn, and buy more chickens and cows; but on the other hand, the friendship system is very well made in the game. If I become good friends with people, sometimes I get a discount when I buy things, I also get invited to people’s house for dinner, and people ask me for help when they are in trouble. Although the game is not an online game that players get to play with other people simultaneously, I have never felt bored or lonely because the town people in the game behave differently from time to time.

Harvest Moon is also a game that can be played on the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, 3DS, and any type of Play Station. The versions and stories are slightly different on different devices, but the story is essentially the same. The newer version of Harvest Moon, called Rune Factory, even included a fighting system and monsters so that even those looking for a more aggressive game won't get bored with just farming all day long. But overall, it is still a very relaxing game, and it is indeed the best choice for anyone who is stressed.

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